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    Sample Past Event

    Event Date:  July 31, 2016- 8:00pm EDT Goal(s):  Connecting Writing ...

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    TBC: Speak Up with Letters to the Editor

    Event Date:  November 9, 2016- 2:45pm EST Description:  Don't be afraid to speak up. Christine O'Connell, PhD, Alda Center Associate Director will help you clarify your goal and craft an opinion piece that hits your key points in a limited ...

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    Webinar: Perfect Your Pitch and Get the Grant

    Description:  Join  Alda  Center Associate Director Christine O'Connell, PhD for a webinar to get practical advice on distilling your message and crafting the perfect pitch for a potential funder to support your scientific project or medical research ...

  4. Blog Post

    Five Questions with... Alan Alda

    Stony Brook University has launched a series of video interviews with leaders from every field to share ambitious ideas and imaginative solutions for education and the global future. Our very own Alan Alda is featured as one of the interviewees, speaking ...

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    The Case to "Ban Jargon!"

    ​ We are proud to share Alda Center Instructor Roxanne Kahmsi’s recent opinion piece in The Week, which makes the “life and death” case for banning jargon. In addition to sharing the story of a patient who died as a result of “jargon abuse” by a physician ...

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    3 C’s of communicating science: Clarity, Creativity, Curiosity

    Sense About Science writer Neda Afsarmanesh recently participated in the first 2016 Public Engagement Workshop for Scientists at  California Institute of Technology. Scientists came from within the university as well as from the nearby Jet Propulsion ...