1. Event

    Webinar: Perfect Your Pitch and Get the Grant

    Description:  Join  Alda  Center Associate Director Christine O'Connell, PhD for a webinar to get practical advice on distilling your message and crafting the perfect pitch for a potential funder to support your scientific project or medical research ...

  2. Blog Post

    The Case to "Ban Jargon!"

    ​ We are proud to share Alda Center Instructor Roxanne Kahmsi’s recent opinion piece in The Week, which makes the “life and death” case for banning jargon. In addition to sharing the story of a patient who died as a result of “jargon abuse” by a physician ...

  3. Event

    Online Coaching: Request a Session

    Description:  Need a personal trainer?  If you're in need of a little assistance with a tough communication challenge, please contact us to schedule an online coaching session with an  Alda  Center faculty member or instructor. Goal(s):  Advocacy ...

  4. Blog Post

    No Jargon Spoken Here: Communicating About Science

    Excerpt from Grecourt Gate, News and Events for the Smith College Community May 3, 2017   “You can’t pick up a newspaper these days without seeing articles about policies informed by scientific research.. as scientists, we are trained to speak in jargon ...

  5. Event

    Private Workshop: Society for Developmental Biology

    A team from the Alda Center will visit the Society for Developmental Biology to help researchers learn to communicate more effectively with people outside their field, including the general public, policy makers, the media, students, potential employers ...