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    To Whom Was the First Nobel Prize in Physics Awarded?

    For all of us who take on the challenge of science communication, the excitement of the  2016 Nobel Prize season was palpable. The Nobel Prize makes science more accessible for the general public, reminding everyone that science is important, interesting ...

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    The Case to "Ban Jargon!"

    ​ We are proud to share Alda Center Instructor Roxanne Kahmsi’s recent opinion piece in The Week, which makes the “life and death” case for banning jargon. In addition to sharing the story of a patient who died as a result of “jargon abuse” by a physician ...

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    Online Coaching: Request a Session

    Description:  Need a personal trainer?  If you're in need of a little assistance with a tough communication challenge, please contact us to schedule an online coaching session with an  Alda  Center faculty member or instructor. Goal(s):  Advocacy ...