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  • Kavli Conversations: Surviving the Extinction Crisis

    Watch a conversation about extinction with Pulitzer Prize winning author Elizabeth Kolbert and Duke University conservation ecologist Stuart Pimm. Elizabeth Kolbert is the bestselling author of The Sixth Extinction: An Unnatural History and a staff writer at the The New Yorker. The Alda Center is a proud partner in bringing you this recorded broadcast. 

  • Science On Tap: Tailoring Genes

    Biomedical scientists like Chris Vakoc have recently gained an unprecedented ability to edit life’s instruction manual – DNA – with a new tool whose ungainly name – CRISPR-cas9 – is (thankfully) usually shortened to “crisper.” Chris will share with host Graham Chedd and our audience how the technology was discovered, how it works and some of the astonishing things it can do.

  • Kavli Conversations: Finding the Humor in Science

    Watch a conversation focusing on finding the humor in science. This Kavli Conversation, sponsored by the Science, Health and Reporting Program at NYU and the Kavli Foundation, features two special guests, Mary Roach and Randall Munroe. The Alda Center is a proud partner in bringing you this recorded broadcast. 

  • To Whom Was the First Nobel Prize in Physics Awarded?

    For all of us who take on the challenge of science communication, the excitement of the 2016 Nobel Prize season was palpable. The Nobel Prize makes science more accessible for the general public, reminding everyone that science is important, interesting and relevant. We're inspired to keep this momentum going year-round by partnering with organizations and people who are getting creative to improve communication about science and medicine.

  • Science On Tap: Down Among the Penguins

    The first penguin Heather Lynch saw in Antarctica fell on its head. Happily it was quickly back on its feet -- testament to penguins' resilience. Since then, Heather has counted many thousands of penguins (she loves math) as she tries to figure out how global climate change is affecting penguin populations in one of the most rapidly warming regions of the planet.

  • Kavli Conversations: The Swarm Inside

    Watch a conversation on the microbiome with the wildly popular science writer (and now best-selling author) Ed Yong and the eminent microbial geneticist and museum curator Susan Perkins. This event is another in a series of Kavli Conversations on Science Communication sponsored by the Kavli Foundation and the Science, Health and Environmental Reporting Program at NYU. The Alda Center is a proud partner in bringing you this broadcast.

  • Alan Alda & Amy Cuddy Launch New CLEAR + VIVID Live Web Show

    In the inaugural episode of CLEAR + VIVID, a new live web show to launch on Friday, September 16 at Noon Eastern, Alan Alda, actor, writer and science communication pioneer will interview Amy Cuddy, a Harvard professor, social psychologist, TED speaker and best-selling author of Presence: Bringing Your Boldest Self to Your Biggest Challenges.