DEADLINE EXTENDED: The Innovators of Tomorrow Video Contest

Stony Brook University College of Engineering and Applied Sciences (CEAS) is launching The Innovators of Tomorrow Video Contest to help budding scientists and engineers learn how to simply and effectively communicate their research related to STEM fields. The contest was created with support from Stony Brook’s Alan Alda Center for Communicating Science, which provides specialized programming to help scientists and health professionals communicate complex topics in clear and engaging ways.  The video submissions will be included in a Stony Brook STEM outreach campaign, led by CEAS faculty, to help educate K-12 students, teachers, guidance counselors and parents about education and careers in engineering.

“Engineering is all around us but, too often, the technical terms used to explain it can be intimidating,” said Monica Bugallo, Associate Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering in the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences. “We want to educate anybody about engineering by creating simple testimonies that can be understood by guidance counselors, teachers, students and parents. Engineers solve problems by dreaming and innovating, so it should be accessible to everybody, everywhere and at any time.”

“I’m personally excited to learn more about what it is like to be an engineer,” says Laura Lindenfeld, Director of the Alda Center. “The contest also presents a great opportunity for the Alda Center faculty and staff to partner with our colleagues in the College of Engineering and Applied Sciences here at Stony Brook University to educate and inspire the next generation of engineers by communicating about these fields in a more accessible way.”

Videos will be judged within 11 categories, for their effectiveness in communicating and answering the question: “What is it like to be an engineer?” The categories include different engineering disciplines offered by CEAS. Finalists in each category will be coached by the Alda Center to polish their final video entries for a public video screening event and award ceremony at Stony Brook in mid-May (date TBA). Winning entries in each category will be awarded $300 and their videos will be featured on the CEAS and Alda Center websites and social media. The contest is open to Stony Brook University ID holders, competing as individuals or in teams of up to three people. Participants can create one video submission for each category, with a chance to win up to two awards.

Video Categories

What is it like to be… 

  • An engineer
  • A mechanical engineer
  • An electrical engineer
  • A computer engineer
  • A biomedical engineer
  • A civil engineer
  • A computer scientist
  • An applied mathematician
  • A material scientist
  • A chemical engineer
  • A technology management expert


  • April 25: Video Submissions Due
  • May 10: Finalists Selected and posted on CEAS website

How to Enter

  • Upload your video to YouTube or Vimeo and have the sharing link ready
  • Complete the application form, including your personal information and the link to your video
  • Video Specifications: Videos should be under 2 minutes in length Use your own original content and creativity (no copyright violations)
  • Ensure accuracy of any technical content Engage the audience of students, teachers, guidance counselors and parents