Communication Between Research and Patient Care Leads to New Treatments at Robarts Research Institute

Alan Alda recently joined Canada-based researchers Rachel Eddy and Dr. Anurag Bhalla for a tour of the pulmonary assessment lab at Robarts Research Institute in London, Ontario. In observing cutting-edge lung imaging research that helps patients with chronic lung disease, Alda was delighted to find that communication across disciplines has led to a significant advance in patient treatment methods.

"This work here at Robarts is a wonderful example of taking what's known in one field and tweaking it so that you could do things that you couldn't do before," says Alda. 

"What's learned when you deal with the patient undergoing the treatment gives you feedback on the research, in many cases. And it works the other way, too," observed Alda. "The people delivering the treatment get knowledge about it from the researchers that they wouldn't get if they were separated. That's another communication [issue], and it's solved just by putting them in the same building and getting them to talk to one another."

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Alda, best known as Hawkeye Pierce on TV’s M*A*S*H, visited Robarts before his keynote presentation and armchair discussion at the Leaders in Innovation gala and presentation of the prestigious J. Allyn Taylor International Prize in Medicine. This year’s recipients are asthma researchers Dr. Malcolm Sears and Dr. Stephen Holgate.

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Originally posted by London Free Press