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  • Lyl Tomlinson

    Lyl Tomlinson first received Alda Center training in improvisational theater techniques in spring 2014 as a Biology Teaching Assistant. Since then, he helped launch the Alda Center’s Science Unplugged program, in which Stony Brook graduate students visit local high schools and libraries to practice talking about their research. 

  • Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Honors Alan Alda with Double Helix Medal

    On December 1, 2016, renowned actor, writer and science communication advocate Alan Alda was honored with the Double Helix Medal presented by Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City. Alda was recognized for his efforts to help scientists and medical professionals improve the way they communicate about their work, in turn making science and medicine more accessible to the public.

  • Communication Between Research and Patient Care Leads to New Treatments at Robarts Research Institute

    Alan Alda recently joined Canada-based researchers Rachel Eddy and Dr. Anurag Bhalla for a tour of the pulmonary assessment lab at Robarts Research Institute in London, Ontario. In observing cutting-edge lung imaging research that helps patients with chronic lung disease, Alda was delighted to find that communication across disciplines has led to a significant advance in patient treatment methods.

  • Five Questions with... Alan Alda

    Stony Brook University has launched a series of video interviews with leaders from every field to share ambitious ideas and imaginative solutions for education and the global future. Our very own Alan Alda is featured as one of the interviewees, speaking about his college experience, key mentors and his work in improving science communication. 

  • Kavli Conversations: Surviving the Extinction Crisis

    Watch a conversation about extinction with Pulitzer Prize winning author Elizabeth Kolbert and Duke University conservation ecologist Stuart Pimm. Elizabeth Kolbert is the bestselling author of The Sixth Extinction: An Unnatural History and a staff writer at the The New Yorker. The Alda Center is a proud partner in bringing you this recorded broadcast. 

  • Science on Tap: Tailoring Genes

    Biomedical scientists like Chris Vakoc have recently gained an unprecedented ability to edit life’s instruction manual – DNA – with a new tool whose ungainly name – CRISPR-cas9 – is (thankfully) usually shortened to “crisper.” Chris will share with host Graham Chedd and our audience how the technology was discovered, how it works and some of the astonishing things it can do.

  • Kavli Conversations: Finding the Humor in Science

    Watch a conversation focusing on finding the humor in science. This Kavli Conversation, sponsored by the Science, Health and Reporting Program at NYU and the Kavli Foundation, features two special guests, Mary Roach and Randall Munroe. The Alda Center is a proud partner in bringing you this recorded broadcast. 

  • To Whom Was the First Nobel Prize in Physics Awarded?

    For all of us who take on the challenge of science communication, the excitement of the 2016 Nobel Prize season was palpable. The Nobel Prize makes science more accessible for the general public, reminding everyone that science is important, interesting and relevant. We're inspired to keep this momentum going year-round by partnering with organizations and people who are getting creative to improve communication about science and medicine.