1. Activity

    Tossing Different Balls

    Description:  Set Up Have participants stand in two lines as far from their partner as possible, but at least a foot off the wall.  Instruct them to throw an imaginary ball to their partner and pay attention to the size, weight, shape and speed of the ...

  2. Activity

    The Mirror Exercise

    Description:  Set Up Have the participants work in pairs. The Exercise Have each set of partners decide who is person A and who is person B.  Tell them that Person B is a mirror, and will mirror Person A’s every move.   They do not have to do typical ...

  3. Blog Post

    Kavli Conversations: The Swarm Inside

    What happens when leading journalists who cover science and eminent scientists who reach mass audiences get together to exchange ideas? What do their differing perspectives tell us about how science communication is changing and how we can do it better? ...

  4. Blog Post

    To Whom Was the First Nobel Prize in Physics Awarded?

    For all of us who take on the challenge of science communication, the excitement of the  2016 Nobel Prize season was palpable. The Nobel Prize makes science more accessible for the general public, reminding everyone that science is important, interesting ...

  5. Blog Post

    Why Research for the Pure Sake of Knowing is Enough

    From PBS Newshour by Judy Woodruff Biologist Sheila Patek has faced criticism for her research on mantis shrimp and trap-jaw ants. In recent months, members of Congress have called her studies a waste of taxpayer money. Tonight, she explains how ...

  6. Blog Post

    M*A*S*H Star Backs Forensic Science Centre in Scotland

    M*A*S*H actor Alan Alda has given his support to Dundee University's new £10m forensic science research centre in a video message. The Alan Alda Center is an international partner of the Leverhulme Centre, which was officially launched by the Queen ...

  7. Blog Post

    Amy Cuddy to Join Alan Alda for CLEAR + VIVID Live Web Show

    In the inaugural episode of  CLEAR + VIVID, a new live web show, the Alan Alda Center for Communicating Science at Stony Brook University’s School of Journalism will feature a conversation about accessing “personal power” to achieve what  New York Times ...

  8. Blog Post

    Why Is Alan Alda So Interested in Science?

    During a trip to Australia this spring to announce a partnership with  Australian National University, Alan Alda shared his thoughts on science and why he is so interested in it. The interview was recently released as part of National Science Week, a ...

  9. Blog Post

    Google Hosts Alda Center Associate Director for #SciComm Talk

    Dr. Christine O’Connell, Associate Director of the Alan Alda Center for Communicating Science, shares tips for connecting with your audience and getting your point across. Working in ocean and environmental science to policy and advocacy, O’Connell saw ...