1. Activity

    Tossing Different Balls

    Description:  Set Up Have participants stand in two lines as far from their partner as possible, but at least a foot off the wall.  Instruct them to throw an imaginary ball to their partner and pay attention to the size, weight, shape and speed of the ...

  2. Activity

    The Mirror Exercise

    Description:  Set Up Have the participants work in pairs. The Exercise Have each set of partners decide who is person A and who is person B.  Tell them that Person B is a mirror, and will mirror Person A’s every move.   They do not have to do typical ...

  3. Blog Post

    Kavli Conversations: The Swarm Inside

    What happens when leading journalists who cover science and eminent scientists who reach mass audiences get together to exchange ideas? What do their differing perspectives tell us about how science communication is changing and how we can do it better? ...

  4. Blog Post

    Five Questions with... Alan Alda

    Stony Brook University has launched a series of video interviews with leaders from every field to share ambitious ideas and imaginative solutions for education and the global future. Our very own Alan Alda is featured as one of the interviewees, speaking ...

  5. Blog Post

    Should We Embrace Failure In Science More?

    Science is about collaboration and sharing ideas — both the good things, as well as the things that didn’t go to plan. And while there is a tendency not to publish things that don’t work, perhaps we could use conferences, social media, blogs and group ...

  6. Blog Post

    Alda All-Stars: Lyl Tomlinson

    Watch the Archived Recording Lyl Tomlinson first received Alda Center training in improvisational theater techniques in spring 2014 as a Biology Teaching Assistant. Since then, he helped launch the Alda Center’s Science Unplugged program, in which Stony ...